Win10 Pro to Win10 Ent Upgrade

enter image description here Upgrading from a Pro version of Windows to Enterprise has never been easier than it is with Windows 10.

Recently our licencing changed and we had to move from Pro to Ent.

  1. Type 'changepk.exe' into run
  2. Run as Administrator
  3. Enter the Enterprise Licence Key

enter image description here 4. Done!

Yes its as simple as that, not formatting, uninstalling or driver changes.

Shared Printers for All Users


You've probably stumbled across this page if like me you were trying to find a way to install a shared printer to all users on a Windows machine.

By default a shared printer only gets installed to a users profile, when the next user comes along the printer needs to be reinstalled.

Normally you can install the printer using a local port or TCP-IP port which would then work for all users. However if you use a printer server or just shared it from another machine then you need to know the hack below which will install it for all users.

Step 1 - Printer Server/Shared Machine

  • Install the printer as you normally would on your print server. Either using a local port (USB) or TCP/IP (Network) and drivers.
  • Make any changes to the printer, trays, adding x86 and x64 drivers, set security permissions.
  • Share the printer

Step 2 - On the remote machine

Open up CMD and run as administrator

Copy the below into the CMD window, changing \\servername\printer to your details.

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /n\\servername\printer

The tags mean

  • /ga - global (add to all users)
  • /n - network path
  • for more options use /?

You can also copy it into a .bat file to make it easier to install on multiple machines.

Give it a few minutes to install, once completed it will have installed the printer and kept all the Custom preferences set on the Server.