Sophos XG Port Forwarding

sophos Nov 12, 2020

Coming from the Sophos UTM the XG looks alot more modern and uses a more modern terminology when it comes to firewall rules, natting and port forwarding.

To Create a port forward firewall rule with a linked NAT is very simple.

Create a Port/Service Group first

Hosts & Services > Services

  1. Add
  2. Enter a Name eg Sonos Ports
  3. Type = TCP/UDP
  4. Protocol = either udp or tcp.
  5. Source Port = Generally i leave it on 1:65535 or you could specify a strict port i.e. 443 for HTTPS
  6. Destination Port = The port for the Internal Server i.e. 443

Rules & Policies > Firewall Rules

  1. Add Firewall Rule > Server access assistant (DNAT)
  2. Internal Server IP = Select your Server IP or Hostname
  3. Public IP = Select your WAN Port
  4. Services = The Ports you wish to forward to the Internal Server that we created earlier
  5. This will automatically generate 3 NAT rules and a Firewall Rule


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