Part 3B: Emby Server HTTPS (Direct Connection)

emby Jun 29, 2017

There are a number of ways to connect to your Emby server using HTTPS. This Follows on from Part 2: Cloudflare Setup.

Part 3A: Setting up Emby with NPM Docker Reverse Proxy (Advanced).

Part 3B: This Guide is for Direct Connection (Simple).

Part 3C: Setting up Emby with NGINX on Windows Reverse Proxy (Advanced).


  • Emby Server installed and running
  • Your own Domain name
  • A Trusted Certificate in .pfx format
  • Access to your router for port forwarding.
  • Either have DDNS or have A Record for WAN IP

If you want to find out how to get a Certificate and convert it to .pfx head over to Easy Let's Encrypt Cert

This guide assumes you have either setup a DDNS or have an A record setup to point your Domain Name to your WAN IP. If you dont have this setup go here.

Step 1 - Router Access

Every router is different and rather than try to describe how to do this on all the different brands I will simplify it so it is more relevant to all routers.

  • Log into your router
  • Head over to port forwarding
  • Create a new rule to forward port 443 to the machine that Emby Server runs on.

Step 2 - Configure Emby Server

Head over to your your Emby server via a web browser. Usually accessed by HTTP://IP-Address:8096 Go to Server Management and then 'Expert' and 'Advanced'


Most of this page can stay the same except

    Public HTTPS port number = 443
    Custom certificate path = *path to your .pfx certificate
    Certificate password = *your .pfx password
    External Domain =
    Report HTTPS as external address = Yes

Save and Restart Emby Server

To test go to HTTPS://DomainName ( and it should work.


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