Qbit & VPN - Docker

qbit Sep 7, 2020

Use qbittorrent with a VPN inside a docker container.


Firstly you need to download ovpn files from your VPN provide.

You should have the following files. Extrat them to a folder and call is openvpn

  • ca.crt
  • xxx.pem
  • xxx.crt
  • xxx.key
  • xxx.ovpn

create a new file and call it credentials.conf inside this file enter your VPN username and password


save the file in openvpn folder

create another new file and call is authpass.conf enter your VPN password into the file and save it.


Windows File Share

On your Windows File Share create 2 folders


Portanier Volumes

Create a new volume

  • Name - Qbit-Download
  • Use CIFS - yes
  • Address - IP of Windows File Share
  • Share - Share name /share/downloads
  • CIFS Version - 3.0 for Windows 10
  • Username - Windows username
  • Password - Windows password
  • Create
  • Do the same again and create a volume called Qbit-OVPN

Portainer Container

Create a new Container Name - qbittorrentVPN image - markusmcnugen/qbittorrentvpn/ Port config - 8080:8080 - 8999:8999 - 8999:8999/udp Environmental Variables - VPN_ENABLED:Yes - LAN_NETWORK: (your LAN Subnet) - NAME_SERVERS:, Volume: - Host Volume:Qbit-Download - Path in Container: /downloads

  • Host Volume:Qbit-OVPN
  • Path in Container: /config
  • Restart Policy:Always

Deploy Container

Log into the webgui

  • http://IP-add-of-docker:8080
  • user - admin
  • pass - adminadmin

All done, grab a beer


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