Emby LDAP Integration

emby Sep 3, 2020

If you are running a Domain Controller and Active Directory at home then you can use LDAP authentication to log into Emby.

Active Directory

  1. I would highly recommend creating an Emby Service account on AD with no group permissions. This account will be used for Bind access.
  2. Create a Group on AD. example Emby-LDAP
  3. Any Users on AD that you want to Sync with Emby, make them a member of the group.


  1. Create a user on Emby with the same login name used for AD
  2. Install the LDAP plugin
  3. Configure the plugin with your LDAP settings.


  • LDAP Server: server name or iP
  • LDAP Port: 389
  • Bind DN: (The Service account created earlier in the following format) CN=EmbySA,OU=ServiceAccount,DC=mydomain,DC=com
  • Bind Credential: Service Account password
  • User search base: DC=mydomain,DC=com

User search Filter: (this is    used to only sync users a member of the AD group we created earlier).



Now test logging in with an AD account


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